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THE ZIPCASE - Cloud Spotter

$54.99 USD

  • Keep your travel gear organised with a compact functional field guide. Dual-side internal compartments, slots, and pockets for cash, credit cards, coins, and passport. Accessible back pocket for coins and card storage. Durable zipper and alloy hardware Black detachable, adjustable shoulder strap and a black wrist strap
  • Material: 100% lightweight polyester canvas fabric
  • Size: 11.9cm x 23.1cm x 2cm

Sometimes you just need to look up into the sky and wonder at the forms you see.

These special-edition Cloud Spotter Guides will bring magic and wonder to your travels. There’s a taxonomy to clouds, and it’s not too hard to tell them apart once you see them organised on this attractive chart.

This beautiful artwork is by Valentin de Bruyn (

Clouds are beautiful, magical, and absolutely delightful. No matter what types of cloud you encounter on your travels, you’ll be well-equipped to identify and recognise them.


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