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Macropus rufogriseus ssp. rufogriseus

Macropus rufogriseus ssp. rufogriseus-By Jason Graham
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Macropus agilis

Macropus agilis-By Richard Fuller
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Macaca sylvanus

Macaca sylvanus-By Scott Loarie
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Luridiblatta trivittata

Luridiblatta trivittata-By Scott Loarie
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Lucilia sericata

Lucilia sericata-By Jesse Rorabaugh
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Lissotriton vulgaris

Lissotriton vulgaris-By Kees
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Lilium parvum

Lilium parvum-By Scott Yarger
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Leersia hexandra

Leersia hexandra-By Agnes Trekker
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Lathyrus japonicus

Lathyrus japonicus-By Gabe Schp
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Lagidium viscacia

Lagidium viscacia-By Diego Carús Lagidium viscacia, commonly known as the mountain viscacha or Andean rabbit, is a species of rodent found in the high altitude regions of the Andes mountains
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Laetiporus gilbertsonii

Laetiporus gilbertsonii-By Megan Ralph Laetiporus gilbertsonii, commonly known as the western sulfur shelf, is a species of bracket fungi found in the western regions of North America. It grows on
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Karusasaurus polyzonus

Karusasaurus polyzonus-By Marius Burger Ah, the Karusasaurus polyzonus, a truly remarkable species of lizard found in the lush forests of Madagascar. What a beauty! Just look at those striking colors,
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Ischnura verticalis

Ischnura verticalis-By mefisher Ischnura verticalis, also known as the eastern forktail damselfly, is a species of damselfly found in a variety of freshwater habitats throughout eastern North America. They prefer
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Ictinogomphus australis

Ictinogomphus australis-By Richard Fuller Ictinogomphus australis is a species of dragonfly that was first described by R.J. Tillyard in 1913. The species is commonly known as the “Australasian Duskhawker” and
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Hylocomiadelphus triquetrus

Hylocomiadelphus triquetrus-By Irene Saltini Hylocomiadelphus triquetrus is a species of moss commonly found in forested areas in the Northern Hemisphere. It is important because it is an indicator species of
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