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Eurema celebensis

Eurema celebensis-By Yi-Kai Tea

Eurema celebensis is a species of butterfly that belongs to the family Pieridae, commonly known as the Sulawesi grass yellow butterfly.
This butterfly is found in the Sulawesi region of Indonesia and is known for its striking yellow wings.
Eurema celebensis is a diurnal species, which means it is active during the day.
The female Eurema celebensis lays its eggs on plants in the pea family, including Acacia, Cassia, and Albizia.
The caterpillars of Eurema celebensis are green with a brown head and feed on the leaves of these plants.
Eurema celebensis has a wingspan of approximately 5 cm.
The Sulawesi grass yellow butterfly is known for its ability to migrate long distances.
Eurema celebensis is one of the most commonly seen butterflies in Sulawesi and is considered an important pollinator in the region.
The species is sometimes kept as a pet in Indonesia and is sometimes used in traditional medicine.
Eurema celebensis has been studied as a model organism for understanding the evolution of butterfly wing color patterns.

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