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► Flexi Field Guides are clever beautiful visual field guides

► Perfect for curious kids and the people that love them

Flexi Field Guides are portable, creative visual field guides that are perfect, long-lasting gifts for young curious minds. Custom-crafted to your location and species of interest, Flexi Field Guides are printed on-demand in a variety of formats: bandanas, scarves, cases, journals, blankets, bottles, and more.

Nature lovers know that its important to teach their children about the natural world, because it engages children’s growing minds in the most natural way. Children love animals, plants, and mushrooms, so let’s encourage those interests. In a world where we are surrounded by smartphones and corporate logos, it’s important that we fill their brains with useful identifications.

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► Flexi Field Guides are clever beautiful visual field guides

► Perfect for curious kids and the people that love them

► Inspire young scientists with a passion for that natural world

► A gift that keeps on giving


► Join the: Amphibian Admirers Beetle Nerds Bird Watchers Butterfly Chasers Fern Finders Fungi Enthusiasts Insect Observers Mammal Spotters Plant Hunters Raptor Researchers Seashell Beachcombers Spider Seekers Wildlife Observers Flower Finders Reptile Rangers Snake Specialists Tree Explorers

► Location: London  Sequoia National Park Cuyahoga County Mumbai  Shanghai Delhi Barcelona Tasmania Yosemite National Park Melbourne Athens Minnesota New Zealand Texas Hamburg South Carolina France New Caledonia Japan Hokkaido Pakistan San Francisco Montreal Vancouver

Perfect gift ideas to inspire passionate naturalists

Customised, beautiful photo field guides

Share the natural world with your young explorere friends

Flexi Field Guides are fun educational non-digital inspiring story-worthy portable useful remarkable beautiful convenient engaging practical durable

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