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Our Mission

Flexi Field Guides are for nature-lovers who never stop learning.

Our goal is to help people engage with biodiversity in creative and beautiful ways, wherever they are.. We will help people engage by transforming citizen science into story-worthy field gear. With a Flexi Field Guide, our promise is that you will have a deeper, connection to the natural world.

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So many amazing field guides

You’re a nature-lover too, and you love all the diversity of life to explore in field guides. We’re all amazed at the endless possibilities of the digital field guides — everything from bird calls to rocks to frogs to insects and more. But there’s just too much information, and we all find it difficult to engage with nature through a smartphone screen.

Practical, gorgeous gear for your adventures

But what if we could create a new format, compact and portable in the field, that drew upon entirely new concepts and resources? What if we leveraged all of the hard work of the citizen scientists in the creative commons? We can now generate photo-illustrated guides for pretty much anywhere on Earth!

We’ve started micro-scale printing of hyper-local fabric field guides: They’re useful, colourful, and absolutely gorgeous. We reckon you’ll love taking these with you on your adventures. We need nature-lovers just like you: wear your Flexi Field Guide proudly and wave the flag for Nature!

For nature-lovers, by nature-lovers

Loving nature comes naturally, and a Flexi Field Guide helps further us along the journey. We’d be honoured if you’d join us.