How it Works

1) Select your format !

Flexi Field Guides have been developed in a range of different formats: scarves, banners, totes, blankets, and more. Our original products, THE BANDANA and THE VERSATILE, are quintessentially multi-purpose bits of equipment.

2) Select your place & select your species !

Hyper-local targeted field guides. Choose your location: National Parks. Cities. States. Provinces. Countries. 

We then generate a species list using online global biodiversity databases. We can’t always promise we’ll be able to find any particular and obscure location, but we’ll give it our best.

3) We seek out imagery and craft your customised guide

We journey into the wilds of the world wide web, seeking online databases for images in the Creative Commons, We make sure to label and attribute them properly.  We then craft them into different layouts to fit the formats you’ve chosen.

4) Micro-scale print runs delivered to you

We’ll let you know as soon as we finish crafting your Flexi Field Guide. Our network of micro-printers produces short-run products and ships them directly to you. The delivery time depends on the format you choose and your exact location.. 

5) Use it in the wild

Use your field guide to learn more about the wild world.  Bring it on your adventures, use them at home, or use them around town. We love seeing photos of Flexi Field Guides in the wild !

6) Gift a discount code

Each Flexi Field Guide has a QR code that can be used to gift a discount coupon. When you meet a friend who is keen on getting their own Flexi Field Guide, have them scan the QR code and your coupon will be automatically gifted to their order.